Hourly Rates
Can be used in 1 hour increments over a 30 day span.

2$110 ($55/hr)
4$190 ($45/hr)
10$350 ($35/hr)

Membership - Please contact for details

20 hours per month - 24 hour access

HoursRate Commitment
20$550/month1 Month
20$450/month3 Months
20$400/month6 Months

4 Hour Solid Blocks (Great for projects and practice)
2 Blocks give you up to 8 solid hours in one day



1 Block$130 ($32.50/hr)Up to 4 Hours
2 Blocks$225 ($28.13/hr)Up to 8 Hours
3 Blocks$325 ($26.67/hr)Up to 12 Hours
4 Blocks$400 ($25/hr)Up to 16 Hours

Full Studio Rental
All Studios and Amenities

Half Day$1804 Hours
Full Day$3408 Hours
Full Day Plus$46012 Hours
Full Day Max$54016 Hours

Benefits Of Using Focus On

· Great results and a great experience for your clients
· Access to our amenities: Conference room, Viewing rooms and Computer lab
· Onsite lockers available upon request (Depending on availability)
· 24/7 Studio Access for Members